How to find a good PET injection machine manufacturer in China?

Posted by TINA at 13.12.2019

China as the world factory, there are so many different preform injection machine manufacturers. So, how to choose the right injection machine maker here is very difficult but important, it maybe takes a long time. Although it's convenient to find a injection machine factory in Germany, Canada and Japan, but to find a trustable PET injection machine factory in China with reasonable price is really not so easy. I suggest you should learn something about the Chinese injection machine market first, where are for low quality, and where are for low prices... And then, you should know what do you really want to buy from the injection machine supplier with your price. With these informations, you can consider the strength of different manufacturers and choose the right one. At last, before you got the bottle preform injection machine, it is important to attend the machine testing at the fatory, here, I suggest you should request test video from the manufacturer to your time and traveling cost.

When you meeted the PET injection machine supplier in China and review terms and conditions in your quote as well as warranty clauses. Although the quality of injection molding machines is better and better, but you still supervise the machine manufacturing, make sure you received what you paid for.

For high speed PET preform injection machine, the machine structure is very important, it will affect the price of the machine. In addition to these, good performance auxiliary equipment is also an important factor to ensure the normal operation of the machine. It often takes long times to choose the right good factory and build the partnership with them, not only in China, but all over the world. The expectation and understanding would be very important for the success, the manufacturers and customers need to fully communicate to achieve a win-win situation.

Find Chinese PET injection machine makers on Google

If you don't have a reliable supplier or you want to change a new factory in China, you can search them on google, it is very popular now. Maybe many of you don't how to usee google to find exactly injection machine manufacturer, here Tina take an example of finding a Chinese PET preform injection machine maker.

If you are sourcing PET injection machines, combined with manufacturers from all over the world, you need to get the list of Chinese PET preform injection machine maker. So you can search "PET preform injection machine China", then you will find some B2B trade portal in the first webpage, such as ALIBABA, MADE IN CHINA, because their page ranks are higher, and it is difficult to find the website of real bottle preform injection machine makers or manufacturers. We always want to go directly to the website of the injection machine manufacturers.

Now I will tell you a good way to find them. You search with Google advanced command like "allinurl:find preform injection machine factory in China", most of the search results are the websites of injection machine manufacturers in China. Furthermore, if you are find injection machine makers in a specific city, you can also put the name of the city in the command, like "Changxing injection machine maker" and "Shanghai Injection machine factory".

In addition, there is another advanced search function on google. You choose China as the region, and use the search command "allintitle:find PET preform injection system maker in China", in that way, you will find out a more complete weblist of injection machine makers in China.

Anyway, using google to find a good Chinese preform injection factory and save your money is not difficult when you know both parties well.

I am Tina from Demark, a PET machinery manufacturer in China, I hope these experiences are helpful to you.
If you want to contact me, I will be very glad, my email is

- - - -> by: Arsmad
I searched out a lot of injection machine suppliers' webpages on google, many of them are B2B websites, not the real PET preform injection machine factory. I still find hard to choose a right one, because most of advertisement there are good and quite interesting. Of course, this happens in any markets, not only in China.

- - - -> by: Konstan
I am Konstan, technical director of mineral water  company. We need to buy the blowing machine for pet bottle (for just mineral water).  Speed 6000-7000 bph, size: 0.5 L, 1.0 L, 1.5 L, Waiting for your offer! Thank you!
Best Regards

- - - -> by: Khalify Belid
Hi we are looking at making bottles for our cosmetics in PET.
Size required is for 50ml - glycerine.

We need a injection machine to make preform.
And then blow these small bottles for our cosmetic division.
Along with this , I need injection moulding for caps.
Please advise

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