Bottle blowing mould, PET blow mold

PET blowing mold, such as water bottle,CSD bottle, hot fill bottle and aseptic fill bottle.

Bottle blowing mould, PET blow mold

Injection blow molding varies according to the bottle blow machine. Our PET blowing molds for plastic bottles from 100ML to 20L.

For linear stretch blow molding machine, it is always in rectangular. But for rotary stretch ,it is in round shape.

PET is a strong, clear material especially suited for numerous packaging applications.

Some PET Packaging / Plastic Packaging Applications are:

  • Carbonated soft drinks (CSD Bottle), Soft drink bottles, water bottles
  • Carbonated and still water bottle
  • Sports & Isotonic Drinks
  • Juices & juice drinks bottles
  • Alcoholic beverages and beer bottles
  • aseptic fill bottle
  • cosmetic bottle
  • candy bottle

We will combine character of your bottle and technical control well with our professional skill in plastic bottle preform design, so that your bottles can distinguish themselves to attract more customers.

Good bottle blowing mould design skill can help you reduce cost. We will help you reduce weight (save PET material ) and even strengthen bottle and increase leak-proofness meanwhile.

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