S series PET Preform injection moulding machine

PET bottle preform Injection machine large shot but economic price

S series PET Preform injection moulding machine

Our S series preform injection machine specialises in the PET bottle preform, based on only preform products charater to develop the total injection system, in big differene with other normal injection machine. With Demark precision preform injection molds, advanced servo hydraulic system, temperature control system, post cooling take out robot, plasticzation & injection, clamping unit and ejection unit, the S series bottle preform injection machine will brings you more returns with limited investment.

Video (S300-72Cavity-10g)


Special screw

High efficient plasticization
Based on the rich knowledge of bottle preform production, Demark choose the special screw with LD ratio at : and with barrier thread structure which could signficantly increase the plasticization efficiency. A 260T PET preform injection machine could work with 80mm screw, which is suitable for PET preform production.

STAFFA hydraulic motor

STAFFA hydraulic motor
More torque need when the screw work with PET material because of its high viscosity. Demark choose UK brand STAFFA hydraulic motor which has lower rotational speed but higher torque.

Bigger nozzle

Bigger nozzle
The S series PET bottles injection molding machine with a 20mm nozzle size which could inject more material at one time and reduce the injection time. But the nozzle on normal machine at the same tonnage usually less than 10mm which has a longer injection time.

Back pressure controlled by proportional valve

Back pressure controlled by proportional valve
The back pressure controlled by proportional valve which can controlled on the HMI screen.

Bigger injection but small clamping

Bigger injection but small clamping
Since the projected area of preform is not very big thus less clamping force need in the prefrom production. The small clamping unit means less energy consumption on moveing the palten and less area need to put the bottle preform injection molding machine.

High rigidity platen and higher compatibility

High rigidity platen and higher compatibility
We increase the thickness and strength of the platen to ecsure the stable movement and reliability.

Mold open and eject synchronization (optional)

Mold open and eject synchronization (optional)
By equiping extra one set of servo motor and oil pump, the mold open and ejection could happen at the same time which could reduce cycle time up to 2 seconds.

Preform conveyor

Preform conveyor
No oil ciruit under the injection base which can equip with conveyer under the clamping unit. The design save area, automatic transfer and looks good. But the normal injection machine usually equip the conveyor in the front of the safety door which is blocking the operator to see the machine and need more area alse looks bad.

Power system

Motor power
The motor power is much bigger than the normal plastic injection machine at the same toonage which because the high viscosity of PET material and needs more power to drive the screw to ensure the efficiency of plasticization. Excellent oil circuit design and brandly oil valve make the injection, platen movement and ejector faster and more precise. The servo motor and oil pump is designed to put outside which makes easy maintenance.

S series injection system

Excellent cycle time
S300/2500 as example, 48 cavities, 15g water preform, cycle time 15s. Comparing: normal machine 20s.
S260/2000 as example, 24 cavities, 36g water preform, cycke time 20s. Comparing: normal machine 30s.

Excellent integration ability

  • The excellent integration ability in industry, including drying system, chiller, air compressor. We have a great relationship with those companies and provide less delivery time even lower price comparing on the market.

  • We choose or customized the auxiliary with more experience than normal injection machine company. For example, the preform production need lots of chilled water so the normal chiller is not big enough to meet this demand. Usually Demark customized the chiller with bigger water pump from our supplier which ensure enough water flow and chilling efficiency.

  • Demark responsible for the whole system not including the preform injection machine but also the mold and auxiliaries. Comparing with normal injection company who only focus on its injection machine, customer will find it very difficult to solve even any small problem that need cooperation between injection machine company and other supplier.

Main technical features

Item Unit S260 / 1500 S260 / 2000 S300 / 2000 S300 / 2500
Screw L/D Ration L/D 25 25 25 25
Screw Diameter mm 75 80 80 90
Injection pressure kgf/cm² 1280 1125 1400 1106
Injection volume cm³ 1414 1608 1810 2290
Shot weight (PET) g 1654 1882 2117 2680
Shot weight oz 58 66 75 95
Clamping force T 260 260 300 300
Clamping Stroke mm 540 540 585 585
Max/Min Thickness of mold mm 200 - 580 200 - 580 300 - 720 300 - 720
Space Between Tie Bars (W*H) mm 570 * 570 570 * 570 660 * 760 660 * 760
Ejector Stroke mm 150 150 180 180
Ejector Force T 8 8 20 20
NO.of Ejector Pins pcs 5 5 5 5
Max system pressure kg/cm² 160 160 160 160
Motor Power kw 36 36 44 44
Heater Input Capacity kw 32 36 36 44
Machine Size (L*W*H) cm 700 * 200 * 220 7000 * 160 * 220 800 * 200 * 220 800 * 210 * 220
Machine Weight T 12 12 14 14
Notice: Demark reserve the rights to make any product improvement or specification change without prior notice.

Main technical features

Item ECO260 / 2000 ECO260 / 2500 ECO300 / 2500 ECO300 / 3500
Preform weight Cavity Cavity Cavity Cavity
15g 32 32 48 72
45g 24 32 32 48
65g 16 24 24 32
100g 8 12 16 24
260g 4 6 6 8
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