The FAQs about our bottle preform injection machines

Posted by TINA at 26.06.2019

What is the advantage of servo hydraulic system?

1.Independent electric screw drive brings you both melting and energy efficiency.
2.The whole hydraulic system is driven by servo motor, it reduce energy consumption effectively.
3.Reduce the cycle time with synchronized design: melting PET at the same time while other movements are proceeding.

What is the advantage of servo control?

1.Low power consumption: When the PET preform injection machine is cooling or without any movement, the servo speed is less than 10 RPM which the energy consumption is almost O. While normal electrical motor speed around 1500RPM. The output point of servo hydraulic oil directly connected with the directional valve who control the movement to save energy. While normal machine has to though flow control valve.
2.Precision: Pressure sensor make the accuracy of servo hydraulic system reach 0.1 bar.
3.Fast react: It only takes 0.12s for the pressure and speed to reach maximum output.

What is the advantage of Control system?

1.Stable and fast cycle time.
2.Fast PCL execution time.
3.High performance PC and fast I/O capability.

What is the advantage of Cooling Robot Design?

1.The sliding and flipping unite of iPET300 and iPET400 are designed as a whole which could have more stability.
2.iPET300 and iPET400 series PET bottle injection machines are with three station cooling plate.
3.Brand new double station take out cooling plate design brings more stabilities for high cavitation like 128 cavities.

What is the advantage of Clamping Unit?

1.Special clamping parameter design for PET make the mold open & close stable and fast.
2.Strong mold plate makes the mold get pressure balanced.
3.Square design which matching the PET preform mold.
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