How to choose a PET bottle blow molding machine?

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How to buying a blow moulding machine can be a nerve racking experience for the fresh entrepreneurs. The PET bottle blow molding machine price is a secondary consideration. There countless specification, capability and price factors to be considered. Now TINA from China Demark Machinery will help you who wants to buy a blow moulding machine but does not know where to start.

How to choose blow moulding machine?

How to choose blow moulding machine?

Mould Size:

The most important spec is the mould size of the machine. It means that the range of product that you want to produce should be matching the model. For this refer the maximum mould size mentioned in the machine specification chart.

Production Capacity:

Estimate your production capacity required like containers per month and cross check with the machine supplier whether this can be met. It is advisable to keep a 25% extra capacity. This relates to the extruder size, plasticizing capacity and possible cycle time of the machine.

Quality of the machine:

Quality of the machine is a relative subject. Normally the cost of the machine will vary proportionally with the quality of the machine. Quality itself is in two sections – machine built quality & product (container) quality. The product quality depends on your end user. The machine built quality affects the maintenance cost and breakdown cost of the plant.

Other Machine Specifications:

The Die-Core (Cup-pin) size of the machine should be enough for the proposed containers intended to manufacture. The mould clamping force also critical with respect to your products. Then for the accumulator head type machines. The accumulator shot capacity is important.


The machine automation can be done by a PLC control or by a wired relay logic (this become outdated because of the limitations and bulkiness of control panel). The PLC control has very wide range of options available. This can be from ordinary custom built micro processor controller to industrial grade established control systems.

Additional Options:

Automatic Deflashing:

Here the product is automatically deflashed or trimmed in the attachment of the blow molding machine. Fully ready container will come out of the machine. If deflashing option is not present, every product (container, bottle etc) have to be trimmed by an operator manually.


Selection of ancillaries like air compressor, scrap grinder, cooling system are also required to be selected in accordance with the machine manufacturers recommendations.

Parison control:

A parison control system helps to improve the product quality and reduce the flash waste. This will be useful for large containers.

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