Blowing-Filling-Capping turkey PET line manufactured by Demark

Plastic Bottle Packaging Solution, PET packaging solutions supplier in China

The PET packaging whole line solution mainly including preform injection molding machine, bottle blowing machine, filling line, cap compvisual inspection, conveying line, packing system, stacker system and so on. It is mainly used to meet the needs of plastic bottle container production, filling, testing and packaging in the liquid packaging industry, and can realize the high speed chain of liquid packaging. Demark's products are exported to more than 100 countries, with our rich experience, we designed the whole production line witch has many advantages, such as high standard online visual inspection, automatic packing and stacking, reduce the manual intervention, strictly reach the food level clean standards, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the quality of products.

And what's more, our services cover liquid packaging, medical bottles, consuming packaging and automotive plastic parts, one-stop service including plant design and planning, integrated production line integration, engineering installation and commissioning, personnel operation training and whole line after-sales service.

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PET bottle packaging solutions

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