Bottle blowing process

Posted by TINA at 27.12.2013

Before buying a bottle blowing machine ,you must know how the preform becomes bottle first.

Based on PET BOTTLE produced by TWO STEP automatic stretch blow molding machine.

we need the preform producecd by injection machine (At first, you could buy the preform from other factory .Of course, if you have enough budget, you could buy injection machine together).

preform blowing.

preform loading to the gripper by preform autoloader, then heating to a suitable temperature to enter the mould. Pls pay attention that blowing is not in one step. First pre-blowing to stretch the preform, then blowing to a bottle shape. When it is over, cool the bottle and get out the mould, transfer to the bottle gripper by chains. See below picture:

bottle blowing process
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