Main components of preform mould

Posted by TINA at 28.12.2013

Based on different system, there are two types of preform mould: one is hot runner, another is cold runner.

For PET Machinery, most customer prefer hot runner preform mould because of its advantage.

Here we talk about the needle valve of no-cutting hot runner preform mould:

1. Taking cold mould and hot mould together, it becomes one completely mold. Regularly customers would like to buy only half mould if they have had one and just want to change something little difference, such as change the weight.

2. There are three major parts for preform mould :core, cavity and thread. The preform accurancy is mainly depent on them.

3. Because of pin, nozzle and hot runner system, the preform could be without worker to cut the gate.

part of preform mould

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